Our People

The People at Prometheus Law


Andrew Lee is the Principal Solicitor and Founder of Prometheus Law.

Andrew has significant, qualititative, and consistent experience of 15 years’ plus in law and in particular civil / commercial / property and employment tribunal / litigation matters. He I can also offer family law services. 

He has many years of advocacy experience at all Court levels.

Andrew is a Solicitor-Advocate (Higher Courts Civil Proceedings).

Andrew is a member of the London Solicitors Litigation Association, the Employments Lawyers Association and Resolution. 

Andrew is admitted to practise in England and Wales. He is also a non-practising Barrister of England and Wales.

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David Joslin is a Consultant Solicitor at Prometheus Law.

David is a very experienced solicitor who can provide planning law services as well as litigation / family law services.

He is a former Deputy District Judge (Civil).

David is admitted to practise in England and Wales.

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Prometheus Law does not accept service of documents by email and fax.